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R2 Wireless commercializes advanced radio-frequency (RF) technologies. Established on 2019 with the goal to provide affordable RF Situation Awareness & Terrain Dominance tools to protect critical sites from intruders and RF malicious attacks. The R2 team combines academic and industrial expertise in signal processing, wireless protocols (e.g., cellular and drones) and AI, along with experienced SIGINT (signal intelligent systems) engineering and system integration. The R2 deep-tech team boasts multiple PhD’s (among them 2 university professors) and multiple MSc’s..

The company’s name, R2, actually R^2 or R Squared, stands for the attenuation of the signal strength of a radio wave in relation to its distance from a receiver, in this case, R2-powered equipment. Such radio frequency techniques have been at the heart of signals intelligence since World War II and are essential to provide a new dimension of knowledge for a safer world.


To overcome the Cost Barrier in the traditional radio market, using new technologies that enable affordable coverage

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We are looking for experts in DevOps, Algorithms, SIGINT, FW and FPGA.

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Proud to be ISO 9001 Certified.

ISO 9001 is an internationally adopted and standardized Quality Management System (QMS) . R2 has committed to maintaining a rigorous QMS which enables us to continually improve our performance and maintain the highest level of quality in everything we do.

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