Open Radio Analysis

ORA platform a new layer for perimeter protection

Oriented to defend Critical Infrastructure (airports, seaports, power stations, electricity lines, nuclear & water facilities, railways etc.) that are routinely targeted by attackers

ORA is an affordable wideband radio surveillance system

ORA’s Story

Modular architecture that combines low-power SDR sensors, cloud computing and low-data-rate communication
R2 offers Open Radio Analysis (ORA) platform as new layer for perimeter protection. ORA is an affordable wideband remote radio surveillance system using Signal Processing & AI analysis algorithms to detect, classify and geo-locate various kinds of emitting devices. ORA detects wireless signals like Cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G, mobile satellite phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and various UAVs’ comm’. The system passively intercepts emitting devices, without the need for the device’s user knowledge/authorization and without infringing privacy policies. Captured signals undergo classification by signal processing and AI and can be compared to a whitelist of authorized emitters. ORA’s state-of-the-art innovation facilitates detection of wireless devices in multi-device environments and compromised visibility scenarios; providing unprecedented RF perimetral awareness for both terrestrial and aerial emitters to protect critical assets and maximizing utilization of already deployed sensors. Core capabilities are implemented by the ORA’s field deployed passive peripheral receivers (PR) array and the command control & processing center (C2) located in customers’ backend.

Key Differentiators

More Accurate
Minimizing False Alarm
Cost Effective & Affordable over large areas
Novel Signal Processing & AI algorithms
Advanced detection, classification, identification and localization algorithms
Optimizes heavy algorithms to run efficiently on commercials-off-the-shelf (COTS) components
Architecture enables dynamic load sharing between PR and C2 to reduce dependency on high-data-rate comm’
Platform ready to extract device’s fingerprinting, an option for legal proceedings capability against invaders