Securing the wireless front.

R2 identifies any wireless threat, across any frequency – on land, at sea, and in air.

Unparalleled accuracy

For any environment

Energy independent

Low footprint

Affordable & scalable


Wireless sensing reimagined.

As modern threats evolve beyond the visible spectrum, R2 is pioneering new advances in wireless sensing research to defend against the unseen.

Designed for full RF spectrum sensing capabilities, R2 protects both military and non-military assets, interests, and infrastructure.

The R2 Advantage

A new standard for broad-spectrum security.

Legacy surveillance systems are unwieldy, unreliable and ineffective against emerging threats. R2’s breakthroughs in signal processing & machine learning require fewer resources to achieve better results.

Superior Performance

  • Multi-threat/frequency detection
  • High accuracy
  • No false alarms
  • Obstacle & weather insensitive

Superior Usability

  • Suitable across ground, sea, & air
  • Portable & wearable
  • Extensible interface
  • Passive & non-radiating

Superior Accessibility

  • Built for scalability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Energy independent
  • Unprecedented affordability

Multithreat protection for a new generation of attacks.

The rapid proliferation of more than 30B IoT and other wireless-based devices creates fertile ground for new, sophisticated breaches and attacks on business, security, and on public safety.

R2 detects and mitigates the threat before it strikes.

Commercial Drones

Cellular Devices

Wifi & Bluetooth


Cyber RF

Malicious IoT


Tactical Radio

GPS Spoofers & Jammers


A New Benchmark for Perimeter Security

Hardware-agnostic, passive RF ‘Sensing-as-a Service’ tech to secure any airspace from any wireless threat.

R2 sets a new performance benchmark for multi-threat perimeter protection, augmenting situational awareness, and terrain dominance for critical assets, interests, and infrastructure.


Broad-range threat detection, including incoming threat speed and altitude


High resolution friend-or-foe classification identifies device type and swarm behavior


Pinpoint lat/long position location and range for both threat device and operator


Defeat threat via a simple API to Kinetic and non-Kinetic interceptors


Smaller. Stronger. Smarter.

Software-defined, COTS-optimized for SWaP-C2 superiority

Superior detection of low signature RF-emitting threats with a GDPR-compliant, object, network, frequency, and protocol-agnostic technology.

Ultra low weight MIL-STD, IP-66 rated Energy independent,
works with PV solar panel

Powered by passive RF-sensing technology, optimized by machine learning algorithms

Hardware-light and agnostic, full-spectrum visibility for terrain dominance at a new price standard

Designed for on and off-grid operation, with a proprietary C2 or fully integrated into any 3rd party one

Low SWaP-C2 allows for excellent battery life without sacrificing portability or durability

Pioneering the Electromagnetic Frontier

R2’s proprietary technology is deeply anchored in the cutting edge of advanced multi-disciplinary research in wireless communication, estimation theory and electromagnetics, setting new benchmarks in our understanding of wireless threat detection and security.

Through scientific research and dogged exploration, R2 is at the forefront of the field, translating complex theories into practical, breakthrough solutions for today’s security challenges.


Expose the Invisible

Reach out to collaborate with us or learn more about how R2 defends against the unseen.