R2 Offers Novel Approach to RF Safety and Security

Intel and startup R2 collaborated to expand R2’s business opportunities by enabling radio frequency (RF) device detection, localization, and classification on high-performance, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and technologies.

An alum of Intel® Ignite in Tel-Aviv, RF cybersecurity startup R2 worked in collaboration with Intel to hone and optimize their RF safety and security solution, which offers a leap forward in perimeter defense. By migrating their demanding workload to an Intel® platform, R2 was able to bring a cost-effective, commercially viable RF safety and security solution to the market. R2’s highly scalable solution can detect wireless threats in any kind of installation or property, using COTS technologies and products.

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RF Cybersecurity Startup R2 Wireless Achieves Cost-Effective Scalability Through Collaboration with Intel

Discover the remarkable collaboration between RF cybersecurity startup R2 Wireless, an alumnus of Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv, and Intel Corporation. By leveraging Intel’s superior technical and business expertise, R2 has managed to slash costs and create a rapidly scalable platform that promises to enhance RF safety and security across the globe. Learn how their innovative solution enables passive detection, classification, and location of wireless devices, offering unprecedented perimeter protection. Dive into the journey that made transitioning to Intel architecture a breeze for R2. Don’t miss this insider’s view of the future of cybersecurity.

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R2 is coming to the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York

R2 is coming to the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York!
The “Water as a Bridge to Innovation” is a joint initiative by the Israel Economic Mission to the USA – East Coast and MEKOROT® , Israel’s largest National Water Utility, in the context of the UN 2023 Water Conference.

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Revolutionizing RF Security: R2's Cutting-Edge Solution Amplified by Intel Ignite

Israeli startup R2, in partnership with Intel, is revolutionizing RF safety and security, offering a powerful solution for detecting wireless threats in various installations. R2’s scalable solution, optimized on Intel’s platforms, is highly reliable and cost-effective, transforming the typically expensive RF sensing into an accessible commercial product. Their novel approach has potential applications in securing critical infrastructures, including industrial facilities and government installations, without infringing on personal privacy. Read on to learn about how R2’s advanced RF detection technology, facilitated by Intel Ignite, is addressing the growing threats in the IoT landscape and shaping a safer, more secure world.

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Azure helps R2 Wireless bring IoT wireless threat analysis to smart cities

Discover how Israeli company R2 Wireless is transforming the landscape of critical infrastructure and smart city security with its groundbreaking AI-driven platform, Open Radio Analysis. By teaming up with Azure, R2 is set to revolutionize real-time threat detection and analysis, tackling immense data security, interference, and latency challenges. Dive into our detailed breakdown of their sophisticated solution, and learn how Azure’s high performance tools support this revolution in global threat management. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the future of wireless security in smart cities and critical infrastructure!.

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